Friday, 30 January 2015

7 Things

Hey guys,

So today's blog post is called 7 things, which I got the idea from SprinkleofGlitter where click here to find the original blog post. 
So the basic idea of it was to write down 7 things your want to achieve in the that week or month. I'm a little late with mine as her post was done last year. So what I have decided to do was to make this for my my year this year. 
So here goes nothing:

1: Lose weight,  I guess this is on most people's lists, so far I have lost 7 stone just going to do the rest this year.

2: Perform my solo, I have been given a solo to sing in-front of people and I am very nervous but this is going to be one thing I want to do.

3: Stay on track with my Youtube channel and keep uploading videos every Sunday and get better at them as time goes by.

4: Keep up to date with my blog, I have been getting so into my blog this past month and probably done more post's in the this month than I have in the entire blog and I want to keep it up and keep doing lots of post's.

5:  Keep up with doing more walking and exercise as I can.

6: sign up for the race for life and complete that. I have done it 4 times so far and want to continue.

7: Talk to my friends and family and boyfriend more and see them more.

I Hope that is was okay and leave comments with your 7 things or leave a link to your post of this.


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