Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Barry'M's 150 Red Glitter Review

As you can tell from this photo i took it yesterday on red nose day. I think most people know what that is but if you don't its a night of comedy on tv to raise money for charity.
Anyway getting back to my review.

Now when i was buying this i was so happy and so full of hope because it looked  beautiful in the bottle i thought this would be great for Christmas (even though its ages away) and also red nose day. There is lots of glitter in the bottle and you have to put two (2) coats on but when you have it looks so amazing and so pretty........

Now after putting this on and then leaving to dry and adding a top coat (as you do) i put this on on the Thursday night about 23.00 (11 at night) once was dry i went to sleep and in the morning it still looked okay. I went up and washed dressed etc and one of the nails was gone. the whole nail varnish on one of the finger came off straight away. 

I have had it on since Thursday night and it is not 18.23 on Saturday and there is only 2 nails that are still good enough to wear out. 

So my advice is this is not a good product and for Barry'M it is a real disappointment and let down as there nails vaarnishes are amazing but this was NOT!

*** out of ********** (3 out of 10) :(

I will not be repurchasing this again and would strongly recommend you not buying this unless you want it just for an evening out.


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