Thursday, 29 January 2015

Beauty Birthday Gift ideas

Hey guys so todays blog post is gonna be about some ideas for you that you can use for birthday gift ideas, (or any gift really) but i thought there is a lot of Christmas gift ideas/guides videos and blogs so why not be slightly different and do one about birthdays.

I will do a couple of low end,medium and high end things you can do as i feel that not everyone will have the same budget and all the videos and blog posts i have seen are expensive (apart from a couple).

This first one can be tailored to any budget this one from very high end to low end:
Putting together a mini hamper of there favourite makeup, such as if you want  a:

low Budget:

  • some baby wipes 
  • few peices of makeup from: 
  • MUA
  • ELF
  • Miss sporty
  • Drugstore makeup
  • Going to a £1/$1 shop and getting some makeup
  • makeup bag
  • facemasks

Medium Budget:

  • Revlon
  • Rimmel
  • MaxFactor
  • body butters from body shop etc.
  • makeup wipes
  • facemasks
Highend Budget:
  • Mac
  • Chanel
  • Smashbox
  • Bobbi brown
  • Nars
  • lara mercier
  • facemasks

Now as you have seen from there these sorts of things are very adaptable and can be changed to sweets, tools, clothes, food, anything and can be made for any price range as you can see from the list of examples that i have given you that it is very versatile.
I have done this one for friends presents whom like beauty and things like that.
Now it shows with this present that you love your friend are know what they like etc. But if you Dont have time to look around lots of shops and find out what they like there are plenty of gift hampers that you can buy from shops in towns etc. or online like ebay, amazon.

The next idea   i had was getting a voucher for there favourite shops, and again this can be changed depending on your price range, from a primark voucher to  a mac voucher etc.

The next idea is to have a spa day out where you go with your friend together (or just for her/him) have a nice day out together where  you get some lunch at there favourite resturant and then gone to a spa day where you both get massages, hair and nails etc. as this sort of treat is good as you get to spend time with you friend for there birthday and you can both relax and have a great time together.

Bath and shower gel:
There is also bath and shower gel, which can be purchase this sort of thing in one of two ways, Buying it in a gift set which these types of things are mostly near the time of Christmas but some places still do them all year around and i am sure that they will be online in some hidden depths of the interwebness. :)

Body/skin care:
With the body/skin care there are lots of little gift set that you can grab at the local drugstore, for example the soap and glory gift sets, but if you want to find a cheaper one you might want to try online (with all gifts) (to compare prices)  there is a few on eBay that i have find that look really good but at almost half the price! so watch out and get the better price.

Hair care gift ideas
You can buy there favourite hair care products and wrap them up beautiful which would look good. such as shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, hair masks, Argon oil etc.

My advice is to stay clear of buying:

  • deodorant
  • teeth whitener
  • hair dye

as these types of presents can be taken in a few ways, unless they have asked you for them then stay clear as these types can be offensive.

Another great alternative is Perfume, if you know their favourite type of perfume or there favourite type
perfume which can be a nice gift as  it shows thought that you know them.  The only problem with perfume is it can be expensive sometimes the price starting at £40 which is about $60 (not good at exchanging) so this sort of gift is for a best friend, family like mum or sister, girlfriend. But its up to you of course how much you spend but as i said i think this is for the high-end budget.

The next thing is lush products, Now i can give to many review on this as i have only ever had one lush product in my life but the reason that this is in here is they are for the medium price range but you can add these to the hampers but also have a lush hamper of different bath bombs, etc. (if your gift receiver has baths) and you can just make a different lush hamper. If you know there favourites then of course get them but you can also just get some with there favourite scents, flavours.

The last Idea i will write down (as this is getting very long) is a makeup starter kit. and again this can be made to suite any sort of budget from low end to high end and everything in between.
It can be a one brand only products such as having all Mac's all MUA or you can get a range of things like getting a full face starter kit with a mascara, blush, pressed powder, eye-shadow  eye-liner etc. which would be a really great present for someone whom is just starting to like makeup or someone whom is just wanting a new change in there makeup, Or who just loves makeup as much as me :)

I really hope that this birthday gift guide has helped you find a present or given you an idea of a beauty present i think i have covered all bases on the budget end and also the different types of beauty.


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