Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Brush Cleaning Tips

Well before i start i do have to admit and  i know that i am not the only one when i say this that, i dont stick to these and it is commonsense to be honest. I mean if it looks okay and smells okay then its ok! lol now my mini rant is over (lol haha :D) here is what  i have found out with doing some research on the tinternet (hehe yeah i say tinternet than internet) and this is what i have found out (disclaimer Im not a beauty/makeup expert and this could be wrong but this is what my research found).

Now this depends on what type of foundation you have and what type of bottle you have  your foundation, Now if it has a pump it will last longer and this should last about 6 months but use your noodle and if it looks and smells okay then use it if you want. If it does not have a pump and you have to put your finger in the bottle/brush or something like that then it should be up to 3 months but as i said if it looks okay and smells okay then have a party with it lol x

Face powders/Blush/Bronzer:
face pressed powders and just any type of powder can last well over a year and up to 4 years (mine does not last that long lol ) but if it is broken up and smells not right then get rid of it. but will last up to 4 years.

Eye products/Eye shadows/Mascaras/Eyeliners etc:
Now this is the one that people are all skeptical about when it comes to mascaras and people say up to 3 months and after that it should be chucked out, Now some will be dried up in this time and in that case just throw away because it will not work any way, But if its okay i would still use and have many a time and it has never done me any harm. make up artists think it is bad but i have used mascaras over 2 years old and i am still here with no eye problems from it. Eye shadow is one of the products that lasts the longest which is 4 years and can last longer sometimes up to 6 years and for me this a good thing as i have so many at least i have time to use them lol. But if its okay and looks okay and smells okay then use it, its not rocket science, eye liners last about 1 to 2 years but if you sharpen them, then they should be 2 years and over as it keeps them clean etc been's your getting rid of the used layer.

Any type of lip product be it lip liner, lip stick or lip gloss, lip balm etc then it is said that it should last up to 2 years. which again  as i have said before i do not do it i have some that are years old and are still in great shape and going strong.

Nail polish/varnish is said to last about 2 years and that is when you should take it to sleep with the fishes. i have some that are years old and there still perfect and i still use them. of course if you use over infected nail then dispose of straight away and not keep it anymore.

So overall it is just you. You have to say if it is bad or not, If it smells bad or looks bad then throw it away. If it looks good and smells okay like its new then why throw it away just because guide lines say so????? well I for one am proud to say that  I use my makeup after the dates advice.

I really hope that you have found this useful and that you have enjoyed this blog post and not found it to bad lol :D xxx

Now for makeup brushes and cleaning them:

This is really just a little tip that I  found and of course you can get proper brush cleaner and use that and  I know that there is some great ones like for example MAC have a great one but if you can't afford that like me then I have found this little tip online and it is very cheap to do as well:

Pour some baby shampoo into a little dish bowl (you can get some of these dishes from charity shops very cheaply which i got a couple for this purpose for only 10p each and there really beautiful as well. but as I was saying swirl the brush round it and rinse it off under some warm water. if the water is dirty still then repeat this until the water runs clear. dry the brush and smooth out and leave it to dry. Do this on all your brushes.


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