Thursday, 29 January 2015

Coeliac disease explained

Hi guys, i am so sorry that i have not been on here lately but  i have been busy and very ill :( which is not good at all. I was going to do this blog to explain why i have been ill and how i found out. You never know this might help someone out.
Well I found out about a month ago now that i have cealiac disease, which means that i can not have any wheat, gluten, barley, rye etc. things like that.
Basically it means that  my body can not digest gluten strands and wheat strands etc in my intestines. If  i eat it i  get a very very bad pain in my stomach which feels like its about the explode it a horrendous pain. and when you have it you can sit or stand or even talk it just hurts that much. another symptom is going to the toilet a lot and having diarrhea. when i say a lot i mean a lot, about 5 times a day. it is really bad. the next thing is tiredness and very drowsy, bloated feeling and a few others. so here is a list of symptoms:

  • indigestion
  • mild abdominal (stomach) pain (but can be very painful and sever)
  • bloating
  • anaemia (tiredness, breathlessness and an irregular heartbeat, caused by a lack of iron in the blood)
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • vomiting (usually only affects children)
  • alopecia (loss of hair) usually only affects adults
  • diarrhoea – which may be particularly unpleasant smelling
  • abdominal pain
  • weight loss
  • children not growing at the expected rate

*taken from the NHS website* 

Now i know that there is a lot of things there and most people will not get all of the symptoms, you can get most of them but not all. The ones I got were bloating, very bad stomach pains, passing wind, diarrhoea, numbing of hands and feet, tiredness, indigestion,feeling sick. (so not all but some. After a while, I went to the doctors and had some tests (blood, and some others you wouldn't want to know about.) So I was not good at all, I stopped eating gluten free things as I had done a little research about it and after I stopped eating it I was fine and everything was back to normal, no pain, no nothing. Then this week I ate some by mistake, and what I a big mistake it was I needed the loo like 6 time, I know its disgusting but hey that's what I had to put up with and so do many other people. 
The only known cure for coeliac disease is to stop eating gluten, wheat, barley, rye etc.  So that is what  i have been doing for the past month. 
I must say it is hard and very expensive, the food such as gluten and wheat free bread is about £3 a loaf which is a stupid price but, you still need to eat it. there is one good about having this. i have lost weight by having to cut all of this out. 
I have found that there is not many recipes for gluten free, wheat free (coeliac friendly) baking on YouTube or the internet in general, so i am hoping to do a few videos on my YouTube channel about baking and maybe do some blog posts about the recipes that i use as well. 
I hope that this has explained that  i why i have been away, but  I  am hoping to be back now and  I to do at least 1 post a week. 
Thanks for reading and I hope this is going to help someone. Basically if you think you have it or something similar like lactous intolerance then go and see your doctor. 
I hope this helped thanks for reading 


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