Thursday, 29 January 2015

MUA Nail Polish review Old Vs New

Hello again lovely people on blogging land, i am so sorry i have not been up to date with my blog, i have been busy and ill which is not good. I will do  a post on my other blog about that if you guys want but for now as you can see for the title its a review on the MUA nail polishes.
Now when i  got these which  was about a year ago, the nail polish was a different formula and the applicators (brushes) where not good at all, very frayed when new and very cause  It left the polish on your nails with brush marks which lets face it does not look very good at all for anybody with any look.

I said to my self that i would not be re-buying their polishes as they were so rubbish so i didn't. Then i saw someone on Instagram (@sophiegoodswin) (good plug lol) show there MUA polishes:.

The new ones are amazing they last for up to a week the colours are much more pigmented, the formula is so much better and nicer and the applicator (brushes) are really nice and don't feel cheap and do not leave brush marks.

You can tell even from this picture that the green and the old coral looks dull and very bad and looks like it is done very slapdash but i did the same for them all. they all have two coats on and the new polishes just looks much more brighter and clearer and feel like they are better quality.

To some up, I would recommend that they only buy the new MUA polishes which look like the Essie polishes, and do not get the old ones. as they are really shit (sorry for swearing) but there just not good at all. 
They are all £1 each (old and new) and the newer ones just look and feel more high end than the old polishes. 

soph x

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