Monday, 26 January 2015

Imperial Leather, Hand soaps Review

OK i have to let everyone know and  i have rave about 2 soaps. i know not the most amazing and wondering thing to rave about but believe me they are amazing.  they are imperial leather soaps in a pump bottle. i got both of mine from Sainsburys for £1 each which mean they had about 70p  of per bottle. so what a bargain.

Now that  i have told you all that  i can tell you about the soap itself. the first one is CITRUS BURST and the second one is JAPANESE SPA.

this is what is said on the official imperial leather website about the two hand soaps.

Citrus Burst

A refreshing zesty blend of lime oil and kiwi extract, along with naturally antibacterial ingredients, will leave your skin clean and cared for. Skin friendly pH & dermatologically tested.
Now for what  i think:

The citrus burst has an amazing colour like a lime green colour beautiful in the bottle, the smell of it you can tell it is very citrusy and ii would use this in the morning  i know its not  a face wash but i used it this morning and it was amazing it  made you feel so awake and refreshed and  i just really loved it. 10 out of 10 so far.

Japanese Spa
A nourishing combination of green tea, rice milk and jasmine, our triple moisturizing recipe Japanese Spa handwash will leave your hands beautifully soft and cared for. Skin friendly pH & dermatologicaly tested.

Now for what i think:
The Japanese Spa is a beautiful, beautiful and amazing smell, it is soft and wonderful, i got this for pamper days as it does what it says on the tin (bottle in this case) it makes you feel relaxed and it makes you feel like you are at the spa while you are using it.  this  i thought might be good for evening or nights to calm and relax so you feel good when you sleep. I have yet to try this one but i am very excited to try it and i can not wait. 10 out of 10 so far.
Now these are amazing these were not the only ones in the collection of these soaps some of the rest were. Jasmine touch, cotton soft and chamomile care, i  did try all of these in the store but  i did not find that these were my favourite. maybe just a personal taste but that is the one  i liked.

Here is a link to the official website just to show you what the other ones have to say for them self's.Website


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