Monday, 26 January 2015

Maybelline express Rocket Volume Review

Hello I just brought this today which is the new VOLUM' express rocket volume. 8x volume no clumps.

All i can say is i can not wait to try this out  i am so excited that i got this, my favorite mascara ever is the Maybelline volume boost? not sure what its called but its a yellow tube and OMG I was in love, now this one has come along am thinking that this might be just as good. I  will be trying it out for the first time tomorrow and i will do an edit on this post or a new post to review it. I just couldn't wait to tell you all and show you all.

this was £5.99 from Tesco, but  i know that in boots it is also £5.99, so if you want it i would advice you to get it from one of those two places, im not sure if it is in any other place at that price. in Superdrug it is about £7.99 so at the moment go to boots of Tesco.

The bottle (tube) shape is lush i love is it feels right and very good for just sitting in your hands waiting to be used. i love the colour of the bottle (tube) it is a bright/ vibrant electric blue with beautiful pinks.
This mascara is a black mascara which is my favorite  i not keen on coloured ones but always willing to give a go.


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