Monday, 26 January 2015

MessHead's hair therapy, heat protector, Review

Hey everyone so today I have a review for you of the MessHead Heat protector. 
I got this heat protector spray a few months ago and i have to say i am in love with it. The smell of it is just incredible, i would say its a sweet smell like sweets (candy) flowers, it just smells amazing, like a product that they would  use in the hairdressers after an £80 haircut.
There is two ways you can use this product, (which are on the bottle).

The first is when blow drying  your hairspray liberally onto damp hair and style as desired. The second one is when styling your hair (i.e with curlers, straighteners etc.) spray lightly onto each section of dry hair.
I usually use this product just before  i am about to straighten or curl my hair and this spray  a light coating (if that's the word) of the spray on my hair to revive it after the heat has been on it.

I also  use this spray just to revive my hair and make it smell and feel and look better and refreshed and just alive.
I was looking at prices online for this and when i googled it  i saw for places it was going for nearly £10 now  i didnt pay that for mine, i paid 99p yes that is right just 99p i got this from the 99p shop and it is not there anymore i can see why. 
If i had to rate this it would be 10 out of 10 it is just amazing i  really love, love, love  it just amazing.

Beens  i have been liking this product from MessHead, I brought there shampoo and conditioner and  i have only used it once but am thinking it is good so far, but i will do a review of them on here and also on my Youtube channel as well. 

Thanks  you for reading this and  i hope you found this very helpful


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