Monday, 26 January 2015

Paul Michell's colour protect daily conditioner Review

I got this from my local hairdressers what i use all the time and trust very much with my hair. As you do in a hairdressers we was chatting away about the weather etc. and it came up that my hair was very dry and damaged because of the amount of dyes that have been in my hair. ( i am addicted to dying my hair). They recommended that i get this conditioner the Paul Mitchell colour protect daily conditioner. I was very happy to try this and i would try anything to make my hair look better. ...........

..........they told me the price, i nearly fell over in shock! BLOODY HELL it was £16.95 for a 300ml conditioner, what a bloody rip off. I did think that they were joking about the price but no they were not. i will never ever ever ever get this every again it is just a big rip off, personally that is my view. Other people will say that it is worth the money but  i can not justify spending basically £17 on one bottle on conditioner. The price put me off but  i still brought it because for this price you think it will be magical.

Ok i  will have to make one thing clear it did cost my £16.95 but the conditioner its self is £11.95 (which is still well to over priced.) but i paid an extra £5 for them to put my hair dye in to make my hair colour  last longer, well that is what they said would happen.

So let me get on the the product its self and try not to mention the price again. well the conditioner does not smell to bad, i mean i have smelt worse and smelt better it is just average. but it does make your hair smell nice. When you have just washed  your hair, it does make it feel very smooth and silky which i love about it. This does not last for long (but that just might be because of my hair.) as i said up the top somewhere they put my colour hair dye in to make my hair colour look better and last longer. lol well it worked for a while but after a while  i felt it just was coming out the same speed as it was without the dye. the packaging for the bottle is sleek and beautiful and  i like the pop down/up lid which is good. 

out of ten i would give it 3 out of 10 it was just not good for its money. if it was an average price about £4  then i would be giving it a  7 or 8 out of 10 but for the price it is really not worth it. So i would NOT recommend it.


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