Thursday, 29 January 2015

Power Pout Runway Review

Hey guys so today's blog post is all about the power pouts (PP) by MUA. and a review on it. The shade I got was  RUNWAY Well what can I say about it, first the key points. This shade lasts all day and when I  say all day I mean all day, I feel asleep in PP and when I  woke up the next day you could still see that it was on my lips and I was really surprised that a product that cost £3 lasts so long, I must say this is one of my favourite products ever, by any company.
So all together there is 6 different shades you can choose from nude colours to bright red/corals. These shades are called:

  •  Broken hearted
  •  Crazy in love
  •  Irreplaceable
  •  Justify
  •  rendezvous
  •  Runway

Now i have not tried any of the other shades because i thought that i would try with my favourite shade which was runway but i was also torn with that but also justify.

There is a range of colours but i don't think there is as many as there could of been. 
As all of the colours are in the same area, with most being coral and also nudes which they could make some different shades but that is just in my opinion.

One thing I hate about these is than get very messy and bleed alot out of the lip line if you're not careful which is something you do not want in a lip-tint  They also seem to come lose from the packaging very quickly as I have had mine for just over a week and it has also ready started to come lose from the pencil type thingy (dunno what to call it), So you just have to be careful in when using these and if you are, you will be fine.

The thing i do like about these apart from the colour pay off which is super pigmented you would believe is that they hydrate your lips while your applying the PP and while it is it very very nourishing for your lips.After a while of having it on it feels like it get slightly dry on your lips but i think this is the same with any lip tints/stains.

I have heard that the PP's are meant to be dupes of the CLINIQUE chubby sticks. In some ways they are and in some ways there not. These are very pigmented as i have said somewhere else. And i personally prefer the packaging of the MUA PP's as you can see from the lip what colour you have got but they don't look high end but then again i  don't think the CLINIQUE's chubby sticks look high end either. The PP's are so much cheaper considering that the price of the PP's are £3 each (at the moment 3 for 2) and the CLINIQUE ones are around £16 depending where you buy them from. so  The one thing that makes me want to get the CS's more than the PP's would be the selection of colours that there are, as the CS have so many colours to choose from 16 shades to choose from which is so many more than the 6 shades which is so many more and you have more choice depending on the colour of you skin so in this way the CS are 100x better. There not the most perfect dupes out there but then again i think the PP are much better than the CS, you would be saving your self around £13 each time you buy one, which why would you pay that much more for the same price, this proves that the buy cheap buy twice rule doesn't always work.

Now I am going to review the one that  I have which is RUNWAY. Here are some pictures that I took. I hope these are okay :)

Now I would re buy this again without a doubt and I am going to buy all of the 6 shades which I am excited about if they are all like the runway PP then I am in love with this collection, I think the runway is one of the best things MUA have every brought out and I am very happy with it. apart from the few things that  I mentioned up the top. this PP just feels like it lasts for ever and it is very hydrating. I find that is one makes your lips go a bit tingly which some people will hate and some people will love. personally for me i love it , but if you don't like that type of feeling then I  would say this might not be for you. unless it is just me.

In summary I am in love with this PP and  I have a feeling that this will be in my favourites unless something bad happens with it. but a bargain at £3 what more can I say, It is no where near perfect and MUA can improve on the different shades, and making them more sturdier in the pencils so it doesn't come loose and also make sure than they find a way of them  being smudge proof but then again what can you say with the product only being £3.


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