Monday, 26 January 2015

Sinful colours Nail polish fiji 116

Hey everyone so today I have a blog post that I wrote over two years ago now and I thought I would bring it over to my new blog. (as I will with all my other blog posts too) 
So today my blog post is a mini review on the Sinful colours nail polish in shade fiji 116.

I have uploaded a. video on, youtube that is all about a review I did on a purple metallic nail varnish from the brand sinful colour professionals. Link is HERE you can watch it there.

The colour in the bottle is so vibrant and beautiful and very pigmented. But when I put it on my nails this morning I was very disappointed. It was nothing like it was in the bottle it was almost clear with a hint of colour.

With one coat

 You have to put on about 4 or 5 coats before it gets a real colour going on your nails. I tired putting it over some bright nail varnish but It just did not show up at all. Which was very annoying. Apart from all this. I do love the colour that is in the bottle and if you can be prepared to do four or five coats of varnish this its great.

With around 3/4 coats

*****  out of **********

The reason its this is I love the colour and great in the bottle also love the packaging its self but as I said. I don't like that you have to put  a few coats on.

Have you tried any sinful colours? What do you think of them?

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