Monday, 26 January 2015

The perfect bath/pamper evening :)

Hello i thought  i would tell you all about how i think a perfect bath should be, some people call this a pamper evening, is it a pamper evening if it is not in the evening?  lol anyway…..
I didnt feel the best and had a headache and cold and just felt icky so i  decided to treat myself and have a lovely pamper even/bath.
i first used the Radox moisture soak (a pampering blend, with calendula and rose.  which is perfect. the smell of it is beautiful. and wonderful for a perfect bath. it makes your whole body relax and feel like  you are treeating yourself.
the next thing i was i got everything together that i wanted in the bathroom, these were:

  • messhead shampoo
  • messhead conditioner
  • imperial Japanese spa pump soap LINK to review
  • Avon naturals shine drops
  • sanctuary spar Covent gardens body scrub
  • beauty formulas cool moist cucumber 3 minute clay mask
  • planet spa face mask from Avon
  • tresemme split remedy hair mask

first  i used the body scrub to get all the dead skin off and it smells really nice like oranges i feel but left  your skin feeling soft the only let down with the body scrub was it did not have enough beads in to be a good body scrub but was still good
the second thing  i did was use the face mask (i love using facemasks but cant afford good ones. i do how ever like the cucumber one but for me i don’t think it leaves your skin feeling soft it just feels dehydrated. so after that i used the planet spa to give a or moisture back in to my skins the smell of the planet spa face mask can be improved as i feel it does not smell as nice as others i have used.i then took it off with a wash cloth that was hot to open up my pours which felt very nice to do.
next i wased my head with the messhead shampoo and conditioner which is really beautiful friuty and great vaule for money. after drying off my hair for a bit  i used the avon shine drops (the first time i have ever used shine drops but the smell of them is incredible. you just lather it up in your hands and it sort of it hard to explain what it smells like but it has a flowery, orangey smell but it is just beautiful.
after  i used the hair mask (first time i have ever used a hair mask) this was a free sample  i had and so i thought  i would give it a go. the smell is lush. 
it was a beautiful bath and  i am off to do my hair and make up  ready for my singing group tonight.
leave a comment, how do you like to relax and what is your perfect bath like.


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