Friday, 30 January 2015

youtube challenge

Hey guys, so today I went on Tumblr and I saw that the beautiful Tanya Burr has reblogged this or uploaded this and I thought this a great challenge that  I would do it. Now I have tried in doing these types of challenges daily but I can not keep them up, So I thought if you beautiful people didn't mind  I could do it all in one blog post. So here it is enjoy x

Wow now this is going to be so hard as i love so many youtubers and i have no idea how i am going to pick people and videos etc but  i surpose that i will have to so wish me luck x

Day 1 Favourite boy youtuber
arrggghh how am i going to choose this well there is a few that i love, from Alife (pointlessblog) Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg and Mike if you can count him? But the persons videos that i can not miss would be all of them in fact, But if i really have to choose one :( would be Jim chapman, i mean i love watching all of them but with Jim i find them funny, formative and i feel like i want to watch his vlogs and main channel all the time and feel like i want to watch both.

Day 2 Favourite girl youtuber
Well again this is another tough one, why did i choose to do this tag challenge, well i hope  i can choose one, of the course the obvoius choice is Zoe because she was the first person i had ever watched on youtube and it was what made me start my own channel, but then there's Louise (sprinkleofglitter), Tanya burr whom is beautiful and really genuinely kind and thoughtful and then fleur as well, as i have gotten into her videos so much lately, watching her main channel, vlogs and bridal channel. So how am i meant to choose this well i surpose  i will have to choose one and the one that  i  can not miss is Louise (sprinkleofglitter) As I find what she does is amazing, i love watching all of her videos and they make me laugh and smile, she can do serious videos which are amazing i bet have helped so many people in the world, the clothes and makeup she buys is really beautiful and  i love that she is not a stick as well (i hope she doesn't mind me saying that) but she is a real beautiful curvey women and  it has given me more confidence in buying clothes and going on youtube. to which i thank Louise for.

Day 3 Favourite video
Now I know that this question is wanting me to put an actual video with a link but I really do think that that is impossible for me considering there Sortedfood, and everyone else i have or will mentioned. So I think for this, if it is okay with you guys I will put video subject. Which the one type of videos  I love and I mean love to watch are Makeup storage/collection videos  I just absolutely love watching them, maybe its because I'm nosy lol, But I that's the one thing I love watching. You can Get tips and see things that you want to buy. I just love them. this link for youtube video's with makeup collection/storage

Day 4 Couple you ship/would ship
Well for this is there is obvious choice, which i am not going to mention but for this answer I am going to have two, which I know isn't allowed but hey i cant help myself. The first one is Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman and the second one is FleurDeForce and Mike. The reason i can not choose between them is they both seem to be made perfectly for each other like there each other's soul mates and i love watching both couples do videos together.

Day 5 Youtuber that always makes you laugh

For this is it a youtuber but its a group of them whom are from the same channel. This is SortedFood, The boys from there are just amazing really friendly and really kind to there fans. Plus every single one of there videos there is something on there that will make me laugh. Ben, Jamie, Barry and Mike are all amazing and so super funny and talented. You have to to go and check out SortedFood and I bet you will be hooked just like me.

Day 6 Favourite bromance
Well for me this is quite an easy one, there is a few I could mention, but for me there is only 1 true one :) that's Alfie and Marcus, There always funny together and make the best videos together which are amazing and really funny to watch. Just the best bromance on YouTube  I remember the first video I watched with both Marcus and Alfie in which was a opening fan mail and I just was hooked from then on in with with two cheeky monkeys.

Day 7 The first youtuber you ever watched
The first youtuber that i ever watched was ages ago and that was Lauren Luke, i really think she is amazing at what she does and really good at getting tips for makeup and looks. she is still one of my favourite youtubers. My favourite videos she does are the lucky dips for makeup and she is so real and natural and I think I watch her for ever.

Day 8 favourite collaboration
My favourite is to see sprinkleofglitter and zoella doing videos together about makeup, clothes, shopping and things I love the way they bounce off each other and there energy on camera is amazing and you can tell that they are truly best friends. There really great, fun to watch and you can always get some tips from both of them. I think that they are a two true people and I hope that they will make many more makeup and vlog videos together.

Day 9 Pair you wish would Collaborate
Ohhhhh I have no idea whom I would want as there is so many. This doesn't say in the question how many so I am going to have a few people. So here is my list of all the people i want to do a collaboration with:

  • Me :)
  • All sorted food, Ben, Jamie, Barry, Mike
  • Alfie Deyes
  • Marcus Butler
  • Joe Sugg
  • Zoe Sugg
  • Louise
  • Jim Chapman
  • Tanya Burr
  • MikeDeforce :)
  • FleurDeforce
  • Lauren Luke
  • Caspa Lee
  • Jake and Finn
  • Estee
  • Ingrid 
  • Joey 
  • Tyler 

So just a few there that I would want to collab together and i had to include me

Day 10 Youtuber you've met (if any)
Sadly I have not meet any youtubers which is really a shame, I would really love to meet them all. Whom knows what the future holds and maybe one day I will.

Day 11 #1 youtuber you want to meet
Well all of them, But all the guys from sortedfood, whom are amazing. Ben, Jamie, Mike, Barry, and all the gang like Zoe, Louise and little Darcy, Alfie, Marcus, Caspa, Fleur, Mike, Jim, Tanya, Joe. So just a few and these are just the main ones So I think I have a Mission to meet all of these people.

Day 12 The biggest directioner youtuber (in your opinion)
There is so many to choose from but personally I think the Alfie is the biggest Direction, The amount of Covers he has done on here channel and also he seems to know every single song they have done and all the lyrics. And has gone to see them a few times as well. So my answer is Alfie.

Day 13 Youtuber you'd sway Bodies with
Well how about all the female youtubers, but If  i had to choose I think It would have to be Fleur, she has really great hair and has she is really pretty and great, she is really sporty and healthy with what she eats and does with exercise and things. So this is why I would switch bodies with her.

Day 14 Youtuber you best relate to
I think the youtuber that I much relate to is sprinkleofglitter. for a few reasons, one we like the same clothes and makeup colours shoes etc. she is a plus size gal and that has made me get so much confidence. I think these are some reasons that I can relate to her. She is kindly, friendly, beautiful and an inspiration and i think she is the youtuber I am most like.

Day 15 Favourite picture of the youtubers together
The shame is that I can not find any photos with every single one of my favourite youtubers. So i might have to do a few pictures.


I really hoped you liked it as it took me ages to do, All pictures I have got from google images, so no copyright on them.


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