Tuesday, 10 February 2015

25 Facts about me

25 facts about me :) x
Hey guys so today's post is 25 things about me. I thought this would get you to know me better :)

1: I used to think that Freeport (a shopping village) was a country in Europe  I know how stupid can you be.

2: I live in Suffolk and have done my whole life 21 years.

3: I have always wondered that in movies, TV etc.  When people whisper to each other, do they really say anything or just mouth it?

4: The cringe song on my iPod that no one should know about is G4 the wonder of you.

5: I love talking about current affair's, politics and news. I find it stimulating and  find it very interesting to debate and here the other persons argument.

6: I love having mixed together salad cream and tomato sauce mmmm yummy.

7: For about the past 4 years i have warn not but leggings unless i have had to otherwise. But only every warn leggings and they have been black.

8: If I ever went to Hogwarts I would be put in hufflepuff from the sorting hat.

9: I like the smell of petrol, I think it smells really nice. I also like the smell of burning wood.

10: I had a tear in my eye in toy story 3 when the Aliens saved all the toys :)

11: Every 1 and half to 2 months  I get a full body wax, which I don't find to bad

12: I have to check, check again, double check and check that double check before I do things, like getting a bus or meeting someone, otherwise I get very anxious and nervous.

13: I prefer being cold than hot, So I prefer the winter.

14: When I was being bullied in primary school my teacher's wouldn't listen to me so I got a brick from the ground and chucked it at the window and it smashed everywhere, and a few minutes later I did it again to the window next to it. 

15: Even though I love makeup so much and I really love it,  I didn't wear any makeup until I was about 19.

16: I am an Young adult carer and I have been such since i was around 7.

17: I have never been drunk before.

18: My favourite film is Les Miserables the 2013 one omg amazing always makes me cry.

19: I had a tear in my eye when I watched toy story 3, when the aliens saved all the toys.

20: As I am writing this I am listening to the soundtrack of Les Miserables and singing along

21: When I was are nursery school I was the milk monitor on a day and I was so proud that when 

I put the milk carton in the box I clapped my hands and said "I did it, I did it"

22: I have only ever read two paper books in my life. I know right, it's really bad but I just hate. 
 reading. Once I got a kindle I have read a bit more.

23: I used to go to acting classes when I was a teenager and I did big performances on stages to paying audience (I loved it)

24: I have OCD when it comes to leaving the house, I have a routine with the door handle, (not many people know this one)

25: I am so glad that I have started my Blog and youtube channel, These things make me happy and seeing all the lovely comments on youtube makes me very happy. :)


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