Tuesday, 17 February 2015

30 Day Makeup Challenge

Hey guys so I was on the Tumblr the other day and on it way to long just scrolling (but that's another post lol) and I found this 30 day makeup challenge and I looked like a lot of fun So I thought I would complete this one, like I did the youtuber challenge and complete it in one post, so here you go :) x


  1.When did you start putting on makeup?
Well with makeup I was  a very late starter, I didn't really get into makeup at all all the way through school and even after I left I wasn't that much into either. I think I was about 19/20 which is only about 2 years ago. Ever since then I have been
 obsessed with it and I think I have been making up for all the lost years when I didn't use it. I still don't wear it everyday If I'm at home but I will make sure my eyebrows look good when I go out for sure now.
2.How did you learn to put on makeup?
I taught myself really Because I wasn't really into youtube or the blogging world at that time and I basically just experimented with makeup myself, To see what goes with what ETC. But once I did and was really into makeup I went on youtube and watched so videos and asked friends for opinions on colours etc and reading blog, But I basically did teach myself

3. Favorite Brand?
Well my favourite Brand of makeup is MUA. I think I have the most of it, and I do believe that I have been answered this before somewhere on the internet. It is so cheap, so affordable and so great quality and pigmentation. There is a few duds that I wouldn't use again but most I find are amazing. 
  4.Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what’s your colour and favourite?
Yeah I do, I love wearing foundation but I always seem to get a shade to light or something but I am a medium girl with foundation, and at the moment I am really love the dream satin liquid.
         5. Favourite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner?
Wow now this is really hard as lipsticks and lip glosses is what I wear the most and I have so many favourites. But at the moment one of my favourite lipsticks is the top-shops Mexican wave, it is so bright and so beautiful and just a really beautiful coral colour. But if I had to choose a brand of lipstick it would have to be either rimmel and MUA, I think both are so amazing great value and the most amazing colours.
6.Do you like/wear false lashes? If yes, strip or individual?
I Think false eye lashes look really beautiful but they are not for me, I can not put there one I tried once and gave up it just doesn't work for me. They look really beautiful on everyone else but not for me.

7. Favourite eye shadow colour?
Oh dead now this could take a while ermmmmm I have so many eye shadows but I must say as I write this I really loving shade 1 from the undress me palette from MUA, It's really lovely light very pale and I mean very pale baby pink. It is great for iner corners of eyes and great for highlighting as well. It is basically a really great everyday wear eye shadow.

 8. What’s your favourite daytime look?

Some times I don't even wear makeup during the day because if I don't feel that great or amazing I don't bother But when I do have makeup on my daytime look is just very basic and simple. I use just a light eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes and a dark one on the outer corners of my eyes and blend them in-together  Then I have just a natural blush on with foundation, concealer and mascara but on my lips i will normally have a bright lipstick on just so it stands out.
  9. Picture of your makeup collection:

Now this will have to be in a couple of pictures because I have it in three different places, So here they are.

   10. Favourite makeup brush?

My favourite makeup brush that I use is my angled eyeshadow brush, the reason this is my Favourite was because I use it for putting on my eyebrows and I find this brush is the best for the job. This is the only brush that I will need to have with me if I could only have one brush.

 11. Do you like wearing bronzer?

I do own a lot of bronzer but for me I don't really wear it, as when I wear it I feel dirty, (if that makes sense  like bronzer is not right for my skin, I will keep trying but I have never found a bronzer that I have feel in love with or maybe it is my Technic of putting it on so if you have a way of putting it on let me know in the comments section and I would really love to know.

       12. Favourite mascara?

Oh now Mascara is the one thing that I do buy a lot of, and recently I have been loving the rocket volume boost mascara for Maybelline but recently I have been getting annoyed with the brush as it is so big that you feel like you can't get the corners of my eyes so my the colossal smoky eyes, this was one of my first mascara's and it is still my favourite one if I had to choose.

13. Where do you keep your makeup?
I keep my makeup in a few different places. There is a toy chest where I keep most of my makeup, I also have a couple of shelves where I keep some makeup and in my vanity desk draws and on top on it also some things just around my room in general.

14. Favorite Youtube guru(s)?
oh wow now this could be a long part well I should start somewhere. here is a list of youtube guru's that I love to watch:

I love watching them all for different reasons but they are all really amazing at what they do and are so beautiful as well.

15. Do you wear blush?
I never used to wear blush and it never used to work on me but now I have been loving it and trying out new one's as well. I have it as part of my everyday makeup routine.

16. Do you copy any of the celebrity’s makeup?
I don't think I have ever really copied any celeb makeup looks I have got a few hints like an eyeshadow colour from keeley hawes

17. Favorite makeup artist?
I suppose I have two favourite makeup artist, there not in the sense Hollywood famous But they are youtubers and professional makeup artists as well, this is can defo count. The first is Wayne Goss, (Gossdoesmakeup) and Tanya Burr. Both of them are amazing and beautiful people and love everything they do with makeup.

18. What’s your favorite night time look?
I love to have  a dark smokey eye such as a brown, black, grey smokey but with a bold bright lip, the colour I prefer is a bold bright red lip I think this look is very elegant and is in fashion for all of time.

19. Favorite concealer?
The Rimmle Duel action concealer is just amazing, It has a corrector in the middle of the concealer stick which makes all puffy and redness vanish.

20. Favorite eyeshadow primer?
I don't really have a favourite eyeshadow primer I just use what is ever laying around and that is if I remember. haha

21. Where do you buy your makeup at?
Anywhere and everywhere, in drugstores, shops, markets, or or anywhere I find great make up to buy.

22. Favorite toner?
Any toner for me will do So this is nothing special.

23. Favorite eye shadow palette and blush palette?
Mua undressed it one of my favourite palettes, or the W7 in the Nude palette to, Two great eyeshadow palettes and all the colours are pigmented and beautiful. I do not own a blush palette but I would love to.

24. Which do you like: cream, matte, powder, sheer, or shimmer eye shadows?
I personally out of all of them, do not like Cream eyeshadow, Sheer is not my favourite either but I love shimmer, Matte powder, dust pots so I am not fussy as long as they look good.

25. Favorite eyeliner?
The Seventeen Make your mark liquid felt tip eyeliner, It is a sturdy nib and glides on very well it lasts hours and looks beautiful, very easy to use.

26. Do you wear makeup everyday?
I don't wear makeup everyday, I think it is very bad for your skin. Your skin needs to have time to breath, and not always have the oils and ingredients of make-up. 

27. Favourite powder?
Now my favourite powder can change from day to day but as I am writing this my favourite at the moment and what I have just ran out of is Natural collections, pressed powder in  shade warm. (which I think is Medium). It gives  a low coverage but it is very easy to build up to have more of a coverage.  It Is in 3 shades (to which I have seen) light, medium and dark, But I have not seem any for ladies of colour which maybe something they can fix?

28. Favourite makeup remover?
I don't have a favourite makeup-remover I like to try new ones out, But I have found that the Body shop eye make-up remover is very good and It costs around £10 But if I am in a time where I can not afford £10 or so on I use normal everyday baby wipes. There very cheap and affordable, they're very soft and because they are made for babies they are great for sensitive skin and  around the eye area.

29. Do you like wearing liquid liner? (if so, what’s your favourite)
I do wear Liquid eyeliner sometimes but it is not my favourite makeup item in the world. I can never get them looking the same all the time, but when I can be bothered (lol) I like using the wild and crazy brown liquid eyeliner. I just find the wand/brush easy to use, not to thick and not to thin.

30. Picture of yourself with and without wearing makeup?


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