Friday, 20 February 2015

Fibug Orb First impressions/Review

Hey everyone so today I thought I would give you my sort of first impressions of the Fitbug orb. I have had it for a couple of weeks now but I just wanted to make sure I knew how to use etc.

When I brought mine it was half price at £24.99 the original price is £49.99 I had wanted a fitbit or jawbone for sometime but this was much more in my budget/price range. 
First of something to take note of it takes round batteries which
say they last for around 4 months and the batteries are cheap so this is not a huge deal for me but I would of preferred a rechargeable one.

You can buy the original Fitbug in 3 different colours which are black, white and pink, I chose pink as I thought it would add colour to an outfit. You can buy separate straps to go with it in different colours which I have, which were also half price at £9.99 the colours are Blue, Green and orange. 

There is no display and it only works with certain devices (as you need to have the app to go with it which is completely free but you need to have a compatible device.) Luckily I had my Ipad so I use that for the app but my phone does not work with it. 

The Fitbug tracks 3 main things Exercise/steps, Food and Sleep, I really love this to track sleep and am finding it very useful to find out when I wake in sleep, how much I sleep and how well. The steps are automatically calculated and you just sync and it adds your steps on for that day. With food and exercise you have to manually enter these on the website so you need to make an account on their official website.

On first impressions it is well worth the money, but maybe not as great as the fitbit but as I said it is still great for the sleep tracking and this is the main thing I use it for. 

Have you tried the FitBug? How do you like it?


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