Thursday, 5 February 2015

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Fish Cakes recipe

Hey everyone so I have a recipe blog post for you. I love cooking but lately I do not get to do it so much due to things that some of you may already know. I had the urge however to have some fishcakes and at around £3.50 for a box of 2 small fishcakes that are frozen with preservatives etc. Me and my family ate these after and we loved them so here is how to make Gluten Free, Dairy free fish cakes:

Step 1: make some mash potato, be it the instant mash or boiled mashed potato's and place it in a large mixing bowl.
Add some Chopped up spinach. (which I love)

Step 2: Cut up any fish you wish to be in your fish cakes. I used salmon, Tuna steaks and Pollack (A sustainable replacement for cod). You can cook the fish first or leave it raw. Mine was frozen fish so I defrosted mine and I personally cooked mine first.

Step 3: Place the fish in the mash potato bowl. and mix it well until all the fish and mash is combined.

Step 4: Get some Gluten free bread and grate it until it is fine breadcrumbs. (You can buy prepared Gluten free breadcrumbs) and place them in a small bowl. I used roughly 2 big pieces of bread.

Step 5: In 2 other (different) small bowls beat 2 eggs together and have some Plain flour in the other small bowl. 

Step 6: You then want to make patties shapes from your mash, fish mixture. make them as big as you want or as small as you want.

Step 7: Next you want to flour, egg and bread crumb your whole batch of fish cakes. In that order:

And then place them somewhere you can lay them and repeat the flour, egg, bread crumb process on the rest.

Step 8: Fry them babies :D (Personally I hate deepfat frying so my lovely dad did it for me. but you want to deep fry the fish cakes for roughly 6/7 minutes or until light golden brown.

Step 9: Eat and Enjoy. 

They tasted amazing so you really have to try these. Let me know if you make these. 


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