Sunday, 22 February 2015

Great Value Eyelashes

Hey everyone so today is just a little blog post on how to get some great bargain eyelashes. 

I got these from ebay:

Yeap well these were in a ebay auction and I won these for £0.01 Yes 1p! The postage was only 77p so overall these lashes cost me 78p for 10 pairs! There is always auctions for the 10 pairs of eyelashes but if you do not want to be bidding then you can buy it now for only 99p which is still a complete bargain. 

They do not come with any glue but what can yo expect? You can buy some glue for around £1 so you know what do you want, Jam on it? 

You can buy these lashes in all different ways from natural to very thick and black so if you want to find them then you will have to find the listing in Ebay.


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