Tuesday, 10 February 2015

#TBT May Favourites

Hey everyone so I am moving this from my old blog, Here  you go and I hope you enjoy it. 

Hey guys and today's post is (you've guessed it) May favourite, Well I Thought That I would start doing the monthly favourites as a blog post instead of just a video for my youtube channel.
Here is the video that I made and I thought you might want to check it out :) x hope that's okay with you guys and that you enjoy watching it.

If you did enjoy watching this video there are plenty more to watch on my youtube channel which the link is www.youtube.com/xxxsophiegoodswinxxx. If you would prefer to see them written out with pictures then leave a comment letting me know and that't what I will do in the future. Sorry it's a bit late but some things have been going on there is a little post saying I was off for a few days but I hope you guys saw that and I hope that was ok with you lovely people in the blogging world. 


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