Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Zoella Beauty Makeup Bag

Hey everyone so in the middle of vlogmas I brought from Zoella Beauty the Zoella eyes beauty/makeup bag. 
It was priced at £8.99 which personally for me is a lot of money for one makeup bag but I knew before I had seen it in person that I wanted to have it in my possession even though I have about a million makeup bags this one just looked amazing so I knew I wanted it.

This was the only product in my local Superdrug from the Zoella Beauty which was probably a good thing haha.
The Bag  itself is a plasic wipe down material great for if you spill your makeup over the bag and you can just wipe away the product. Luckily I have not had to do this yet.

The actual bag looks and feels good quality but I feel the zip is not the best and could easily come off if it is pulled slightly to hard but this is just a feeling.

Overall This makeup bag is great, I keep mine in my bag as my makeup bag for my bag if you know what I mean, So I believe that it is good quality to be thrown around in my bag.

The pattern is really good too, When I first saw the eyes bag I really fell in love with it and glad that this is the one that I got, Great for any age and great to store your makeup, Everyday essentials, Pencil case, or to store what eve you wish to. 

Have you got this and/or the other pink bag one? 


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