Sunday, 22 February 2015

Ipad for Blogging

Hello everyone so today I thought i would do a post on my iPad. I have only just got this iPad on Monday but. I have been in love with it everysince. I have used it so much ever since. 

A few apps that I have downloaded are the 
The Simpsons tapped out
And a few games

I have found that it is much easier to write on this rather than my phone I am thinking maybe because of two reasons the first is just purely for the fact that the
keyboard is much bigger and the second one is it is not as lagging and my phone to which I have found to be the case.
 When I brought this it had around  £70 off it plus if you spent over £100 in the shop you got a £10 gift card to spend on anything which I thought was pretty cool.

One of the main reasons I wanted to get a iPad or something similar is so I can write blog posts on the go well that's the theory anyway even thought I have a lot of games downloaded haha.

So with that what are some blog posts you would like to see?

Thanks for reading 



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