Wednesday, 18 February 2015

iPad mini review

iPad mini review hello everyone so today is proposed is a review at this time is not a beauty product it is actually a test so today I will be reviewing my iPad mini now I have had this for over a little over a month now would say and all I've got to say guys is I love it so much it is amazing it does very and I wanted to.

The main reason I wanted to get an iPad or a tablet or a kindle or a mini laptop such as the notebook was so I could blog on the go and this has been a really big help i use the notepad which was pre-installed in the apps and i use this to write posts when I do not have the Internet or Wi-Fi or anything like that of course you can play games on it such as The Simpsons tapped out which I love it's great for playing games and listen to music volume is incredibly amazing.

So this blog post is being written on my iPad as I speak and when I say as I speak I literally mean as I speak I found that with the iPad mini you can do a voice activation thing and you can dictate what you want to say. 

it's not accurate all the time but nothing like this ever is but it is pretty good for this sort of technology that I'm using a basically a recorded Dictaphone. 

this is really easy to write on the keyboard is so easy to use. It  doesn't feel lacking in any way it feels very now if you know I mean with the lag because I have used phones and other things that Have lagged so much that it's almost impossible to use them and this iPad just works so well and is so good.

The reason I did buy this tablet/iPad was to write the posts but also to play games on it I loved playing the Simpsons tapped out on my phone that with such a small screen it was really hard to play games, now I can play games really easily on my tablet I found a few that are off-line games which are jigsaw puzzles and a thing like candy Crush saga a little bit like that which is pretty fun but most played As I said about twice now is the Simpsons tapped out.

I don't want to keep rambling on how amazing this iPad mini is is amazing and really great to use overall it is really great it's great for blogging which is what I wanted to use it for great for gaming great for listening to music on great for taking pictures the camera is amazing so if you want to use it to the record a quick Youtube video or some photos for your blog then it is great for that.

So how do you blog offline? Do you have a iPad, tablet? Etc. or do you use a standard notepad and transfer it I know this is what I used to do. If you do have a tablet what do you use yours for? 


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