Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone How have you been, I hope you enjoyed blogmas this year and I hope you enjoyed the post's that I put up for you guys.

On a side note my blog scheduled might be changing next year. I will send you to this blog post (This Blog post here) to tell you guys what I will be doing on my blog next year. 

Anyway Back to my New years resolutions:

So the first one is to lose weight Well this was last years one as well so you well this has been well but over Christmas I have over eaten like most people and Want to lose more weight and just get healthier. 

The second is about this place my blog that is. I got very stressed if there was not a blog post out in 2014 in the set days I want to not have this pressure on myself and just put out blog post's when I am good and ready to give you better blog posts and me not to feel stressed. 

the third is about my vlog/Second channel I want to use it much more than I am and with that I did vlogmas in December and I am trying out for the first time a weekly vlog to see how that turns out so you never know but lets hope it will be used a lot more this year.

So guys these are my New Years resolutions for 2015 What are your new years resolutions? 

Thanks for reading 



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