Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hauling Time

So hello everyone Over on my old blog I had this haul with pictures from a couple years back, I am transfering all blog post's over here.... Enjoy

Hey guys, 
So today''s post is going to be a haul, there will be a video following this on my youtube channel, so when that is up I will add a link. So yesterday I went shopping with my mum for a girly day out which we do about once every couple of months and I really enjoyed it, So I thought that I could show all you lovely people on here what I got.

So the first shop I went into was Primark. I seem to always go in there first, I think it's one of my favourite shops to go into. I didn't find as much in there this time I only got 3 things but I really love them and here they are:


 So the first thing I got was this bag, It cost £6 and I think this type of bag is just in black. I wanted a bag that had a long handle so it can go over the body. the handle has a gold coloured chain interwoven with the black fake leather strap. It is a small and compact bag, which  was what I was going for, Which means there is just enough room for the essentials and not have everything including the kitchen sink. You can not take the handle off but it fits inside the bag so you can see any of the chain and it is a great little clutch bag then. It's great for everyday use as black goes with everything really and a great little night bag as well.

The second thing I got from primark, is this necklace, when I saw it, it was so beautiful. It is a 3 layered necklace which has 3 pendent  on the one chain at different sizes. and this is really beautiful. The longest chain has the biggest pendent and has  very pale blue coloured gems with a big pink gem in the middle. As you can see from this photo I didn't realise at the time that one of the gems was missing but to me its not really that important. It was meant to be £2.50 but I got this for £1 which for one missing gem, is a bargain. The pendent in the middle is a dimonte heart which looks lovely when it is reflecting in the sunlight as you can see all the different colours from purple to green. The smallest pendent on this is a pink rose bud surrounded by little peals and this looks a little retro which I really love. It is on a silver chain and it was a complete bargain.

The final thing that I got from Primark is a pair of leggings. Now whenever I go to Primark I always buy a pair of leggings because to be honest that is all I wear, There so comfortable  and so cheap that how can you not. I got a size 18 as they will be a lose fitting on me and that is what I wanted. These are £3 a pair which is a bargain.


Next I went into lush, which I think I am falling in love with this shop, the smell as soon as you enter is just amazing and it's like you never want to leave. I did leave lol and here is what I got.

Lush bath bomb, "space girl" I just absolutely love this one its smells amazing like you want to eat it (doubt it not taste as nice). This bath bomb is £2.10 each which I think is there cheapest one, This time I got a label on the packet (I didn't last time) and here is what is says:
"get the bath full of water before launching your space ship shaped ballistic. Whizzing it round the bathroom making shzoom shzoom noises is optional: It doesn't add anything to the bath water but it does make bath time a bit more fun.". 
This is my favourite bath bomb from lush and I just love it. The other thing I got from Lush was the charity pot hand and body lotion. Basically If you give £1 to there charities of the month (whole 100% goes to charity  then you get a free pot of there hand and body lotion. smells really  nice and will be using that up.

Just Essentials

The next shop I went into was Just essentials and I got just a couple of things from there (could of brought the whole shop) 
The first thing I brought was a wild and crazy liquid eyeliner, Now if you watch my YouTube channel then you will know that I hate them and can not get on with them at all. But I thought I would give this one a try as it was in a sale and knocked down to only 99p, I tried this when I got home I put some on my hand and 4 hours after it would not rub off at all, so it has really good staying power. The brush is really nice because it is stiff and easy to use. The shade is 3502 rich brown and it is just really nice so far.
The next thing I brought was a Kiwi fruity Lip balm from W7, This was £1 and it smells really nice, I would say it is not very moisturising on your lips and doesn't smell like Kiwi that much but it smells really nice all the same and it is still very nice.
The las thing I got from there was the nail polish remover called twist and out. It was £1.99 and my other one was getting a bit old so I thought I should buy a new one. It did start leaking when I was travelling home in the car but after that is has been fine and working well so far. basically if you have never seen them before you just put your finger in the bottle and twist, after a few seconds of this it removes the nail polish, (a tip don't use glitter nail polish with it)

The next shop I went into is CEX and I normally buy some games or DVD's, but this time I brought some CD's, They were so cheap that I couldn't leave them in the shop. I got 9 albums and they whole cost came to £1.80, I know what a bargain. There is some that I got for friends/family and some I got for my self. But all in all a great find in CEX

99p shop, poundland
So the last place that I went to was the 99p shop and poundland, I thought I would put these two shops together because they are so alike.
The first thing I got was a dermaV10 vanilla body butter, it is smells amazing and I am just in love the smell of this is absolutely incredible. and  I love it, It is for dry skin to normal skin, and it just smells incredible.
The Mud Mask as well I haven't used it yet so no opinion but looks good so far as it look like a thick But I will do a review on this (and all of the other products at some point). Those two things were 99p each. The next thing I got was the milani glimmer strips and I have done a swatch as you can see, I must say I was disappointed in this as there was hardly any pigmentation But I will do a full review on this but first impressions is not good. The next thing I got is the Sally Hansen in plum I think considering that that's the only name on the bottle. It looks really beautiful and was such a bargain at only £1, the last thing I got was the 3 pack of collection 2000 in fruit salad, This was £1 for the pack and they are amazing, I have them on at the moment and  I love then. 

Wow that was a long post lol. But I think it makes up for not posting in a while. As I have said before up top I will do full reviews on anything you guys want from this haul (or anything else)
But thanks so much for reading.


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