Thursday, 5 March 2015

3 Simple DIY ways to store your palettes

Hey so today I thought I would show you 3 ways that I store my makeup palettes. These ways are very cheap very inexpensive, the storage can be brought pretty much any place around the world and they look cute too!

1: Toast rack.

This is a very simple way and can be brought in any home ware place and also charity/ thrift stores. You can get them long and short so it depends how many palettes you want to store into it but the average size is 6 slots. Mine only cost me 2p so you can always grab a bargain. 

2: Pen Holder.

Pen Holders, With this one I have a big one becasue I have got it to add the palettes such as the naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. I have been able to store about 5 palettes in this one which is pretty good. I got my for around 99p such a bargain!

3: Letter rack.

The last thing I have got is a letter rack. This one can be used for different sized palettes, I  have my 2 very big palettes the one from pretty pink and one from Ebay,  I have also got a couple more palettes in there too so it holds a lot. I think this cost around £4.99

So these are a few DIY ways that I store my palettes. What ways do you store your palettes?


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