Saturday, 21 March 2015

Balance Snake Venom Face mask Review

Hey everyone so I have for today's blog post a review of a face mask from Balance Active Formula. The face mask claims that tones, purify's and refreshes your face/Skin. This is one face mask that I have personally really loved. I have tried a lot of masks and have found some bad ones but this one for sure is up there with the best ones I have tried. 

First I want to say that the texture and consistency is great. As I have had some face masks that have been really stiff and is so hard to spread on your face. But yes this one is great for that it was really easy and applied beautifully.

This mask is one that get hard and drys if you know what I mean. Which I love that the mask gets hard. One thing I can not stand is when you put on a mask and you could have it on for however long you want and it still is wet. 
I feel that this mask draws out all the impurities and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and so soft. This is really a great face mask and especially at the price I paid £1 what a bargain!

Have you tried this? 


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