Friday, 13 March 2015

Frasier boxset review

Hey everyone so I have a review for you today of the Frasier DVD box set. I have had the box set for about 4 years or so now. I brought it in HMV when it had about half the money off of it which I thought was a complete bargain. I just checked on Amazon and the price is £69.99 there but I do not know if you can find a better price like I did.

Before I did have the
 box set I did have series 2 and series 8 on DVD. So the Box itself is made of cardboard and so are the DVD cases which are different than if you would buy each series separately.

I did research reviews etc. because even though it was half price when I brought it. It was still a lot of money to me, I saw reviews that sometimes the DVDs did not work because the cardboard was not as protected as the cases that the single series comes in.
Personally for me I have found this NOT to be the case they have always worked completely fine and I use them a lot, Touch wood that will always be the case.

Each series is exactly as the original episode is so what I mean by this is they have not cut out any scenes which is a big plus for me as I have found that certain other box sets have done just this such as the Only fools and horses box set. You may even see an extra scene or two If you only watched Frasier on Channel 4 in the mornings as Channel 4 had cut a couple of scenes on.

The box set has special series on each series (Which is also on them if you buy the series singly). The sort of things in the special features you will is. All the phone In callers and who the celebrity guests that phoned in were. The making of Frasier, Daphne  and Niles Love thing and lots of different things as well each one has different features etc.

Overall this Box set is amazing and is great for any Frasier fan and it really is a laugh a minute. What I love with Frasier is that one minute you will be laughing out loud and the next you will be crying (don’t worry I won’t tell you why if haven’t already seen it)

Have you seen Frasier?

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