Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New Smoothie Maker

Hey everyone, So today's blog post is me just tell you a little about the new smoothie maker I brought. Well it is a Kenwood sb054 smoothie to go - silver. So what it is, is a base that has a cup that you attach and can make smoothies in.
As we all know that a lot of peoples new years resolutiions are to llose weight, well yet again this is one of mine for next year and also just to be healthier and I thought one great way to do that is to make my own smoothies. Plus they taste yummy to so I might have a

 few before January :)
One thing I really liked about this is the fact that you make the smoothie within a travel mug so less mess and washing up which is great and perfect for me!

So how much was it? Well I got this from argos, It was meant to be £29.99 but it had £10 off in a sale,  I then had a £10 Voucher, Also I had £7.50 worth of necter points  that I used so I only have to pay.... £2.49! Such as bargain!

Picture rights to Kenwood

So do you guys have any smoothie recipes for me to try?


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