Tuesday, 17 March 2015

RE: Zoella & Gabby Hate online.

Hello everyone so last night I saw a blog post from Zoella and a video from Gabby chatting about the hate that they both receive on youtube/blogs and other social media. 
Now of course I have no where near the amount of subscribers that either of them have but I can see and understand where they are coming from. 
Here are a few things that I have come across:
People thinking they know you so well just because of a few minute videos be it vlogs or main channel videos. This is one thing that I have found to be the
case. What I have to go through multiple times on a daily basis with my illness's and stuff, I don't like everyone and there cats to know I hope that you can understand that. But when I vlog (mostly vlogmas but can be any) they think that they can see who I am and what my whole day is like.
Don't forget that a vlog even if it is daily vlogging you get to see 20 minutes at the very most out of 24 hours which means youtubers can pick and chose what parts of the day they show you in videos and blog posts etc. 
Youtubers will show you all the good things and leave out all the bad things that I will be doing on my vlogmas/vlogging and main channel. 
I hope that made some sort of sense to you but I just wanted to write down all that was in my head and it may have come out a bit googdy gook. 
This is the main thing that I wanted to address really in this blog post about the not know the whole youtuber/blogging and only getting to see a very short and very edited version of there day.

Zoella mentioned about the mental health side of things and panic attacks too which she has and I have as you may know. This is what I mean by editing and removing all the hallucinations that I see and only keeping in the good parts of the day.

This is it really but please go and read Zoella's blog post and Gabbies video which are both linked at the top. 


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