Friday, 20 March 2015

Top 5 Beauty Blogs to read

Hey everyone so I have been ill well iller (is that a word) over the past week so I wanted to have a good but quick blog post for today. 
So I have a list of the top 5 blogs that I love to read. From beauty / Fashion Here is the 10 blog's that I look at every week.

The first is MissBudgetBeauty her blog is pretty a bit of everything but mostly Beauty as her name suggests. If you love great blog post's and a
lot of them, then you will love her. 

Emma Millard, her blog is Just great. If you love Fashion posts. As well as blog posts on beauty and lifestyle.

A famous blogger/youtuber. Louise does some great blog post's a little bit of everything again but of course mostly beauty. Go check her out.

Who does not love this girl (am I right) She is so beautiful and lovely and makes the most beautiful blog post's about budget high street makeup to top high end makeup with the most beautiful pictures. 

Lastly for this blog post is FleurDeForce. I think her blog is lovely it is (to me anyway) different as in the layout to the other blogs mentioned (I think it looks more formal but it is still always an amazing read. 

I do have a lot of other blogs I read in the beauty world and out of the beauty world too. If you would like to see my top 5 blogs in food, tech or whatever then let me know. 
What are your favourite beauty blogs? 


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