Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Pregnancy update #1

Hello everyone so I am back with another blog post and you may have read my previous blog post about my big news of my being pregnant, and my boyfriend and myself are so excited. well I showed you the scan photo's from 12 weeks and 20 weeks and Told you that we were going to have a Little Baby BOY!

Did I mention that we choose the name? Well we both choose the name Theo, Theo is My boyfriends favourite football player (Theo Walcott) From Arsenal and England I think? 

I thought I would do a little blog post about what I have been through over the past 26 and half weeks of pregnancy. 
Here is the pregnancy Test I took on the 30th August 2015 around 10/11 at night and found out I was pregnant. The only reason I took a test was due to my boyfriend say "You're pregnant" I would say the other part of the conversation but you really don't want to know lol

Here is the pregnancy Test I took on the 30th August 2015 around 10/11 at night and found out I was pregnant. The only reason I took a test was due to my boyfriend say "You're pregnant" I would say the other part of the conversation but you really don't want to know lol

Well, Thankfully, I have not been throwing up all the time YAY! haha, Honestly I have not been sick at all due to the pregnancy, I have been sick due to illness but not being pregnant which is good, However I have been feeling very sick that I have come close to being sick which is not the best feeling the world. The feeling of being sick has (touchwood) gone and I have got past that. 

 I have been feeling very tired and this has been has been a think that has been getting worse over the pregnancy, At the start I was not to bad but Over the end of the 1st trimester and certainly the 2nd Trimester I have been able to sleep all night for 10 hours and wake up tired, Nap during the day for around 4/5 hours and then still go to bed again at night. I honestly don't think this will be any better any time soon but at least I have the chance to sleep a lot at the moment haha (I won't when Theo is born) 

Hunger, well what can I say about feeling Hungry, At the start of being pregnant and up to and around 19/20 weeks I couldn't honestly eat more than 4 mouthfuls of food. When I did eat that amount of food, I felt Like a had been eating all day. At the moment their are days where I could eat everything in sight (Unless it makes me feel sick that is) and have other days when I don't want to eat much at all. Hopefully this will get back to normal.

Cravings are not something I have had much trouble with, There are some foods I have wanted more than others for a period of time. such as for one week I wanted to eat tomatoes all the time, then their was another week I wanted to eat Cucumber all the time, Then there was a short period of about 4 days I only wanted to eat Jacket Potatoes with butter and cheese, Now I keep wanted Chewy Toffee/White Chocolate cookies and prawns (Not together Ewww). 

There has been foods that make me feel sick that I used to like to eat but when I try and think about what those foods are I can not think of what they are, if that makes sense. 

I have been feeling feeling the baby move and kick in my tummy since about 18/19 weeks and since about 23 weeks I have been seeing my tummy move while Theo Kicks me haha. Also Over the past week or so of writing this If I have had my arm on my tummy while he is kicking my arms get knocked off. It is a strange but also amazing feeling to have inside you and nothing you can really describe to anyone unless you have been through it, People say it's like butterflies, I don't think it feel like that what's so ever. it's just a surprise. 

When I have seen the scans in the hospital for the first time I could not stop smiling and the same for the second scan also. it is an amazing feeling and I couldn't stop smiling, When My boyfriend saw the scan at the hospital (don't tell anyone) but he cried and it was moving to see him cry when he saw his Son. 

I normally sleep on my stomach or on my side but at the same time on my stomach, Which is something I can't do at the moment which (before I got used to it) was so annoying and it took me a while to get used to it, but I hope now I have found the best way for my to get to sleep in a relaxing way. :)

Okay this this one my be a little TMI but I want to share everything with you, so peeing haha yes You heard write peeing. At the start me needing the loo was fine and normal but since the baby has been getting a lot bigger and pressing down on my bladder I can't go half an hour without peeing. For example when I was at singing normally I don't have to use the bathroom but now within that two hours I can go around 5/6 times!

Maybe another TMI subject but it may just help someone out My Nipples & boobs hurt a lot. Not all the time but When you're pregnant as you known my breast's get a lot bigger and mine have already around 4 cup sizes bigger. so with that it means your breast's are stretching and changing inside to get ready to produce milk, if that is something you are wanting to do. Even if you don't want to breast feed you still produce the milk which makes your breast's hurt like mine do. my breast's are not hurting all the time now thankfully and are only every now and then and not often at all, While this is good it means My nipples are hurting, they're much bigger than they once were and they're very sore a lot as well as getting hard at random times (I told you this was a little TMI).  Now over the past week (Not often) but a couple of times my nipples have leaked which is normal but it is weird and I am so glad that I brought Breast pads. 

back pain is another pain that I have been going through, I have had back problems a lot before so this could be why my back was hurting a lot. I don't get the back pain all the time but when I do it is bad that I can't move without it hurting and I have to be careful with I bend down to sit or bend over because it would hurt a lot, Thankfully I have not had this for a while (Touchwood) 

thinking something bad will happen, I personally think this is something that every single person who is expecting a child goes through, I keep thinking something bad will happen, Such as me losing the baby, Me have something going wrong at the birth or after that. But I think everyone goes through this.

I keep also getting a horrid pain my leg, It is not like a pain that is normal but it is more of a weird and strange pain like something is aching so bad, This normally happens to me while I am sitting down, while I am moving it is not as bad but thankfully I don't have this all the time otherwise I wouldn't be able to sit down and write this blog post. The leg pain is mostly in my thighs and can be on both legs but I have noticed this happens more in my right leg. 

Anyway guys this is I guess an Update of what has been going on with my pregnancy so far. I wanted to make update videos and blog post's but I never know what to write. I will hopefully make another blog post about my pregnancy etc. 
I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post even though it is a lot post at that ;) 


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