Monday, 8 February 2016

2016 Goals

2016, The year (well one of the years) that changes my life for the better. 

Hey everyone, Sorry I am late on the 2016 blog post but I didn't think I would be blogging this year until I started again and did it how I wanted to, Which now means I am enjoying blogging again Yay! 
2015 was a very big life changing year for myself and for my boyfriend too! As of last year I met the love of my life, Paul (whom I could never live without as he is my life and he completes my life) With this amazing person in my life I knew I would be happy for the rest of my life. Well well well who would of thought that I would be Pregnant and expecting my boyfriends and my son. Wow! so this year is going to be a very big year for me and very life changing in many ways.

With that being said I thought I would set myself some goals for this year at the start. I'm not going to call them my new years resolutions as I always find if I do I never stick to them, But this year I thought that I would set myself some goals for 2016.

I have not set myself hundreds of goals as I know that this would be impossible to reach, so I have set a few goals that I think can be accomplished this year and here is what they are:

Goal one: Have fun and be Happy!
This might seem like an average thing to most people but for my over the past few years I have not been Happy and honestly for the most part but depressed and just felt like shit, This year (I also started this last year when I met and starting going out with Paul) I am going to be Happy, Spending time with Paul (the Love of my life) Be happy and have fun at the thought of being a mum (even in the thought of giving birth really makes me want to shit myself lol. well not literally). 

Goal two: Spend as much time with Paul!
I Love spending time with Paul and being with Paul as it always makes me so happy when ever I am with him and if I could I would honestly be with him every single day for the rest of my life then I would 100% for sure. So I want to spend as much time with Paul as I can this year as possible and this would then tie in with my first goal to be Happy and Have fun. When I am with him I am always Happy and always have Fun, So if you see this Paul can we spend every day together please :) 

Goal Three: Have everything ready for when the baby comes!
This goal is one that is essential for this year so I have to make sure everything is completely ready, If not I think I am pretty screwed haha. Well as of today I have everything apart from one thing which is a crib Mattress, once I have got this then I have everything ready, So this goal is almost complete, I just need to get this last thing.

Goal Four: Spend time with my family!
I do spend time with my family in the even, we're all downstairs which is great but we are always doing our own thing, I am on my laptop, Mums got her headphones in watching YouTube, Dad is on his tablet, My brother is on his laptop so no one ever speaks to each other. This year what I would like to do is to have time where we play boardgames with each other and stuff like that.

Goal Five: Be a good mum!
The last goal is one I really hope to be but No one will ever know until it happens. I want to be a good mum this year and for all my life, but I hope I am being a good mum right now by if I get something not right I worry and will go to the hospital etc, I just really hope and Wish I will be a good mum. :)

So guys these are my Goals for 2016, In the comments below let me know what your goals for 2016 are :)


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