Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Youtube Channel This Year!

Hello everyone, I don't know if you guys knows that I have a youtube channel, I have had a few youtube channels over about 4 years now. However Since the start of 2016 I have been uploading a video every single day! Yes that's right every single day! I will admit it is a lot of hard work to do and I honestly don't know how much like JackSpeticEye, Pewdiepie and other people like that upload more than once a day. 

Having said that it's hard work I really am loving doing it, it's really amazing to know that I have been able to film, edit, upload 35 videos This year already (as of today 04/02/16). 
On my previous old youtube channel I uploaded a video once a week on a Sunday and possibly one extra video in the weeks, and at Christmas 2 videos a week for 4 weeks but that over a year only works out to around 60 videos. so this year if I can get this pattern up I would of uploaded 365 video's which just sounds insane to me. That is so much content to film, edit and upload. 
When I am in the mood to film I really can bash out 4/5 videos at a time and really do enjoy this but the editing and uploading I find to be somewhat annoying. The only reason I find these annoying is due to the amount of things going wrong such as the audio and visual going out of sync be in while editing or uploading. Having the editing software crash (Grrrrrr!) Lastly the amount of time it takes to upload and half the time it goes wrong anyway. But when it does go right it's all fine and really good. 

I do have a scheduled on the channel which was as follows:

Monday: Vlog
Tuesday: Vlog
Wednesday: Vlog
Thursday: Vlog
Friday: Vlog
Saturday: Gaming video
Sunday: Sit down video
Yes this is my schedule but currently the this has gone out of the window, due to having lots of January  sales hauls, baby hauls etc. that I have wanted to get out on the channel but I think after a while these will settle down into the schedule that I have set out. If this doesn't then it's all good as I will still be getting a video out everyday. 
If you would like to check out my Channel and Subscribe, Which I think you will love ;) then please click on the link

Have you guys got a youtube channel? If you do please leave your links in the comments 


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