Saturday, 20 February 2016

Pregnancy Update #3

So Yesterday was the mark of my pregnancy at 29 weeks! Wow Really where has the time gone? I remember thinking in December that I have months and months to go before I give birth and finally meet Theo Face to Face. Come January (and more so This month) It feels like their's no time at all left of my being pregnant! What? Really? I only have 2 months and a bit to go and that sounds insane to me, Honestly I am so scared about giving birth, I am worried about everything too Such as will my boyfriend leave me, Will Theo (the baby) be Alright, How do I change his clothes, Feed him, Put him to bed safely? saying all this I am so happy and excited that I really could burst but as I just said Everything in my head goes around and around and around. Will and is he okay at the moment? Why Are you not moving and kicking me all the time for? Will you be okay after giving birth? Arghhh! So much to think about. 

When ever I don't feel the baby move or kick me much during a day I get so worried that his not okay, Then I think god I must be annoying the midwives if I phone up all the time with the same thing, Is this normal to think that? 

I wake up during the night about 3/4 times and every time I really need to use the toilet to pee (TMI?) it is annoying becasue I am so tired all the time that I want to sleep but on the other hand I can not stop peeing during the night and at the same time I am so super thirsty during the night (and day) that I am drink around 4x the amount that I normally do on a average day to day basis. 

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a Mummy, When everyone at school/ Nursery would say I want to be a doctor when I grow up or a vet etc. I would always think No I would love to be a Mummy.  The feeling never went away for me and I am so excited about becoming a mummy (even if the thought of child birth pain scares me) lol. 

I thought I would do this update as I have loved reading peoples blog post updates about their pregnancies. One of my Blogging friends whom is also Pregnant has wrote a couple of post's about being pregnant and an update so please go and check out her blog Which you can find Here, Her Name is Hayley and such a lovely person so go by and say hello. 

I thought that I would also include in this update an update of my Tummy and how I am look. This was taken around half a week ago so at 28 weeks this photo was taken:

So guys This is my pregnancy update number 3, If you would like to see a Q&A Blog post on Pregnancy then please leave them in the comments below. 


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