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Tumblr TV Tag

Some day's While I have nothing to do or I am waiting for a something to happen I like to go onto my blog and click the Next Blog>> button on the left hand side at the top. This is how I have found some amazing blog's that I am now following to this day. 
Well today was one of those day's that I had the urge to click that Next Blog>> Button. I went through a few that didn't really interest me but then I found a blog called Alice In Neverland. I liked that it was a mixed blog with some post's about makeup, beauty, lifestyle and random post's too! 
What Really dragged me into her blog was the first blog post I saw which was the "Tumblr TV Tag" I love doing tags but I had never heard or seen this tag before so I thought it would make a great blog post. This Tag looks like it would suite a blog post much more than a video,
 so Here is my Tumblr TV Tag:

Pick 5 Shows you like before reading the questions.
1: Ashes to Ashes
2: Life on Mars
3: Doctor who
4: The Big Bang Theory
5: Casualty 

Who is your favourite character in 2?
I do honestly like all of the characters in Life of Mar's but if I had to choose it would be the one, the only Gene Hunt. Gene is portrayed by the amazingly talented Philip Glenister, He (Gene) is so thuggish, Brash and so bloody Funny that he always makes me laugh with the one liners he comes out with. I also think another reason that Gene is my favourite Character is that Because Ashes to Ashes (My favourite show of all time) is a spin-off to Life on Mar's and Gene is one of the main characters in the Spin-Off too.

Who is your least favourite character in 1?
Nooooooooooo! How can I choose my least favourite character from Ashes to Ashes, Well Okay if I have to there is a couple I guess I could pick, The first is not really a main character (Depends how you look at it) and that person is Arthur Layten, If it was not for this character then Alex Drake would not have been shot.... But then again if Alex Drake was not shot the whole Idea of Ashes to Ashes would not of happened.... Erm Moving on. In Series three Jim Keats comes along and spoils the whole mood in the station (I won't add any spoilers) But lets just say he is not a nice person, If it was not for him the stars would not have fallen from there eye's and maybe they could of continued another series of ashes to ashes, Who knows but Daniel Mays who portrays Jim is an amazing actor and plays the part so bloody well and the character Jim does add a new dimension to the show. 
I don't know if I really answered this question or not. 

What's your favourite episode of 4?
hmmm... I am not really sure as I never can remember the names of any of the Big Bang Theory Episodes due to them having very weird and strange names, But If I had to choose one of my favourite episodes it would be down to two. The first being when Penny Gets addicted to Online gaming and the second would be when Penny get's Sheldon Leonard Nimoy's Autograph and DNA I just love the ending to that episode with all the gift baskets and the hug from Sheldon.

What's your favourite relationship in 3?
When I first saw this question I had no idea, then a lighbulb came on to me and it is so obvious, My favourite relationship in Doctor who has got to be the one between the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler, This is one of the relationships you see him change from someone (Some Alien) who never wanted or would say good bye to anyone he loved but in the episode Doomsday he burns up a sun just to say goodbye. 

How long have you watched 1?
In terms of how many years Well it has been far to many to count but I started watching Ashes to Ashes in series two (episode 3) and it was a completely accident that I stumbled apon it. At the time I was very animal rights and a veterinarian (Not any-more) I was flicking through the channels to see what I could watch and saw a show that I thought was about animal rights (it was an episode in series two that was about targeting people who worked  in a Lab)  I stayed tuned every week after that and got hooked, brought series 1 on DVD watched and then couldn't wait for series 3 to come out! 

How did you become interested in 3?
Honestly I don't know how I got interested in Doctor who. I guess the only thing I can think of is that I saw David Tennant in another TV show and thought that he was a great actor so when He joined Doctor Who to become the 10th Doctor I thought I would check it out. I know that I watched the Empty Child and the Doctor Dances that had the 9th Doctor in but I didn't become hooked to it. So in all honesty I don't know.

Who is your favourite actor in 4?
Jim Parsons has got to be my favourite actor from The big bang Theory, He honestly plays his part so well as Sheldon, You have to be a bloody good actor to portray someone such as Sheldon Cooper, How he learns and remembers those massive big lines about Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. The really long lines about all the physics stuff etc. Then to have the body language and facial expressions of Sheldon. Just a great actor all round. 

Which show do you prefer 1, 4 or 5?
This question is far to easy for me. Ashes to ashes (1) is by far my favourite TV show ever made, Honestly I can not fault it in anyway. The writing, Directing, Cast, Characters, Set, camera angles, story lines, makeup, Clothes, Music.... You name it Ashes to Ashes have done it right. It is honestly my favourite show and I could sit there watch every series all the way through and then re-watch it the next day from the start and not be bored of it. Honestly can not fault it one bit. 

Which show have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3?
I have seen every single one of Ashes to Ashes episodes and series, with Doctor Who I have seen everyone with David Tennant, Christopher Ecleston in but I have no seen all of the other doctor's. So for me I have seen more Ashes to Ashes episodes over doctor who. Plus I have re-watched Ashes to Ashes all the way through every series about 15 times and still not bored of it. 

If you could be anyone from 4 who would it be?
Penny! She beautiful, She is cleaver in her own way, maybe not Sheldon Freaky cleaver but she knows a lot about a lot of things. She finds who one true love in Leonard which is so lovely because that is the one reason I would want to be her. (I am glad however that I have found my one true love in Paul)

How would you kill of any character in 5?
Well as Casualty is one of my favourite shows then why would I want to kill off any of the characters? One thing that does annoy me about long runny soaps (is Casualty a soap?) is the fact that if they have a storyline they try and drag it out for as long as possible, I think Casualty is one of the better ones for this and doesn't do it as long but it can still be annoying so if anything, I would say if one of the those storylines as happening then just get rid of one of the characters and it should be fine, But I have no idea how or who I would kill off.

Would a 3/4 crossover work?
Honestly I think it would make an amazing crossover, becasue they both have elements of science and Sheldon is obsessed with Doctor who, Sheldon could have a dream episode where he is the doctors companion or he as the doctor himself. I think it could be a really funny show.

Overall, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5?
Sorry but I have to say that number 3 has a better cast purely for the fact that it has had some amazing people play the doctor, David Tennant did an amazing job at playing the 10th doctor that I don't think casualty to could ever beat it.

Which has better theme music, 2 or 4?
Easy!!! 2 Life on Mars has far better music in it without a doubt, David Bowie Being the centre with the song Life on Mars and then all the other classic 70's tunes.

What are 5 of you favourite Tv Shows? 

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