Monday, 28 March 2016

Pregnancy Update #4

I have wanted to make another blog post for a while but Not really had the thought's or idea's of what to write about, especially considering I am uploading a video every single day on my YouTube channel at the moment. However I wanted to keep going with my blog because when I do make a good blog post and I look back at them, I am honestly Very proud of myself. To be honest I find Spelling and writing very difficult but that will never stop me from doing something I love........ Anyway that went on for a bit longer than I thought it would. 

I wanted to make another Pregnancy update post, I am not really sure how many more there will be considering today as I write this I am 34 +1 (wow that's scary and coming very fast). At 31 weeks so around 3 weeks ago now I had a growth scan to see how Paul's and My little baby boy was doing. When I went into the scan room it was all good and I got to see Little Theo again which I always love, I was in the scan room for around 20 minutes I would guess But I have honestly no idea how long I was in there for. They did all the check's to make sure that everything is okay and going well (Which you will be pleased to know it is). 

31 week Growth Scan
Now a day's each women who is pregnant get's there own graph to show how the baby is growing and measuring and see if it average, Below or a little above etc. Well when they measured Theo at 31 week's it turned out he was already 4IB 11OZ! That means he is a little above what the average measured baby is at 31 weeks. Someone then told me that they normally grow around half a Lb a week after that. So I think he could turn out to be a very big baby. In the Scan they also told me that the baby is already in the position to come out, so his head is upside down which hopefully means it wont go over the due date but you never know, he could turn around again (I hope not).

I had another appointment about a week or so later with the anaesthetist (The person / People who give you pain relief while in labour) Before I went in I thought I wanted to have every single thing that that do from the Gas and Air to the Epidural But when I had finished talking to the lady in a way my mind had slightly changed  from not wanting to have an Epidural but to sticking with the pethidine which is the level down from an Epidural.... I guess I could think of how I want everything but you never know what is going to happen and what you will want at the time so I think with this it is a more wait and see what I want.   

With me trying to walk at the moment it honestly must look quite funny to some people, My back hurts so I can not lean on my back but my Pelvis hurts so much while walking too so I can't lean forward! So I do that classic Pregnancy waddle, Well I only have about 6 weeks left of it hopefully.

I want to tell you all the highs and lows with these updates..... So with that in mind I am going to tell you something really scary that happened this was around a month ago I believe so about 4 weeks. I remember it being on a Monday because I had eaten and drunk at McDonalds in the after noon with my group we go to. After I didn't feel well straight away almost, I knew I needed to the loo lets put it that way, that's all I did for pretty much the rest of the day, but that is now the scary part. 
At around 11.00pm I went to the toilet to have a pee/wee how ever you call it and as I wiped myself (sorry a little TMI) There was some blood! On the Toilet roll, on my thumb and a tiny bit on the seat. Nothing much else was there but still this shouldn't be happened in any amount. So we phoned up 101 (which in the emergency number but not a life threatening emergency that you would call 999), I was talking to them on the phone for around 30 minutes and then I had to phone up my local labour ward and I spoke to someone from there. They told me to monitor it over a period of 2 hours and to phone them back (this was around 2/3 in the morning I had to phone them back at). Thankfully this was only a one time thing that has happened and not happened again either, so I am very glad and pleased about. Of course for a couple of week when ever I went to the loo I was scared that something would be there but Nothing has been which is good. The day after this had happened I was speaking to my friend who was also in there at the time and had the same drink as me and she had the same thing happen to her, along with someone else she was in there with. We all had the same Drink and we all had the same thing happen to us which when I did some research, the symptoms we all had looked like it was E.coli. 
Thankfully nothing else like I have just mentioned has happened so I am very glad about that. 

But Yes everything is going well, I have pretty much everything that I need for when Theo is here, Of course when  you do go out and see maybe something like a top or a teddy, even though you don't need it, you feel like you do haha. But everything essential I have got, One of the only things I need to get is a room thermometer, I don't know if you need to have one 100% but I know it would make me feel easier to have one and feel a little more safer too. Do you have any recommendations for a room thermometer?  


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