Monday, 28 March 2016

Pregnancy update #5 - Scan Photo's

Today's Blog post is going to be more of a relaxed post, I wanted to show you all the Scan photo's that I have got through out my pregnancy. The reason that I am doing this blog post while still pregnant as I don't think I will be getting anymore Scan photo's.
The last time I got a Scan photo, you could only see his head and two hands and the lady doing the scan told me that this would probably be the last one as he is a little to big now and that was at 31 weeks! 

Here are my scan photo's I have three altogether one from 12 weeks, one from 20 weeks and one from 31 weeks, I hope you enjoy:

This scan was from the first time that I saw Theo... this of course was the 12 week scan photo I was so happy when I saw him on the screen and in the photo, I personally think that this photo is so super clear and I think you can see the face, body and where the eye's nose and mouth are and he just looks so cute. Of course at the time we didn't know if he was going to be a boy or a girl but Myself and Paul had a feeling that it was a boy while everyone else told us it was going to be a girl.

This is the scan photo at 20 weeks and when we finally found out he if was a boy or a girl (please excuse the glare on the photo) As you can see from this photo how much he grew from the 12 weeks to this 20 weeks photo. When we did find out Theo was a boy we were both really happy and excited and Paul even cried at the scan becasue he was so happy and he told me that he was "over the fucking moon" That is an exact quote from him :)

This is the last scan I got and the most recent one at 31 weeks, As you can see from this, he could only fit his head and two little hands in the photo. This was a growth scan and it was a little diffcult to get a scan photo because he was so big haha. 4Ib 11oZ so yes a big baby. but I can see the eyes, head, mouth and nose. Of course I can see the hands as well but the hand on the top personally I think looks like a little badger (I don't know if it's just me I can see two eyes and a little nose, just like a badger haha) 

Well guys these are all my scan photo's and I wanted to share them with you guys over here on my blog. I love looking at all these photo's and just think as I write this blog post there is Under 6 weeks till my due date! Wow it's going to fast!


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