Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Giveaway Winner!

Well this blog post was meant to go up last year! What can I saw erm..... I've been busy? Well yep looking after Theo and having big life changes. Well Better late than never is the saying right? 

I won a Competition on Youtube from Littlemissstleguru, I never win anything so I was very excited to find out that I won. In the competition their was a multiple prizes to be won, So here is what I won:

This is what the prize came in,
through the post, It arrived very quick & can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging that it came in!

The first that I pulled out was this makeup bag, When Vinny was reading out the list of prizes, this was not one of them,so this was a bonus which was such a lovely thing to do. 

The first or should that be second prize I got was these beautiful and lovely makeup revolution brushes. I had not seen these brushes from them before but:
 1 Purple is my favourite colour, 
2 These are so super soft that they're just lovely to use on your face
3 I love the fact that it comes with an eyebrow brush
4 the handles of these brushes are just so lovely and they shimmer and well what can I say apart from look at them.
Here is another picture of the brushes out of the package:

The last prize/s I won were these two makeup sticks from Makeup revolution. They're the One highlight contour stick and the One sculpt contour stick.
Pretty much a cream highlight and a cream contour stick. 
These are honestly a great product, I don't normally do any form of contour as I just find it to time consuming, But with this I have found that you can get a really fine line where  you need it and it's such a beautiful colour, The same with the highlight one too. 

In the prize I also got a card from Vinny which I think is such a lovely and nice personal touch that I really enjoyed that and that honestly meant so much to me. 

This is the video I made of the unboxing of the prizes, so please check it out to see the products more closely. 

Vinny does a lot of Giveaways So please find the links to her BLOG & YOUTUBE channel, and Just for good Measure here a Link to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


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