Friday, 6 January 2017


Well well well, Where have I been? I was going to make a pun about me going to London to Visit the Queen But oh well. The last post I put on my blog was a pregnancy Update #5 and showing you all my Scan photos.  That was 8 and half months ago since that blog post was up. So where have I really been?
Well We've had our beautiful Son he was born 29/04/16, weighing 7lb 1/2oz at 11.10am. I had preeclampsia  which made me go in hospital and be induced at 38 weeks, I was roughly in hospital for 5 days, Had Theo (What we named our son) then I had to go back into Hospital through A&E, as I lost to much blood and had one of the lowest blood counts that had ever seen. so I was in again for a day to have two blood transfusions. Then to top it off I had a Kidney infection as well! 

8 months later Theo is sitting up, being weaned, Paul Moved in (YAY!) and.......
we are so all happy together, our little family the 3 of us. 

As you can see and hopefully understand I have not had much time to update my blog very much, But I would love to get back into in, even if it is only a couple of blog post's a month. Who knows I may be able to write 500 in an hour (Erm No Impossible Haha) But I will write a blog post when ever I get the chance too. 
I will make a blog post soon all about Theo with pictures etc. So you guys can see and read all about Paul's and My little man.  

I'm not to sure where this blog is heading. as in terms what I will post. I think it will be a mixture to be honest of life, Beauty, Makeup, hobbies such as cooking and maybe even the odd conspiracy theory or two. 
So sit back and get ready for lots of blog post's of well all sorts. 

If you're not aware I am actually Daily Vlogging on Youtube and Also Have a beauty Channel too! I love the idea of having vlogs so I have look back on them years to go and watch Theo grow up all over again. 

Here is a Vlog of Theo's first Christmas if you want to see what we got up too!

And here is a video of my Labour and Delivery Story too:

Well I hope to see you around here very soon

What Blog post's would you like to see come up soon? 


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